How am I doing?

The short answer is that I’m okay for now. Dropping classes and suspending work was a good idea. I have a lot more down time and less stress. I can also afford to be lazy when I feel depressed. I’m also finding a lot of joy in praising God. Sometimes I lie in bed and the urge to do it. So I tell him how powerful, good and wonderful He is until I run out of words. I run out of words pretty quickly. But he is so good.

What were we talking about? Yes, how I’m feeling. I’ve been depressed for more than a week now, but it seems to have lifted this morning. I was able to make myself a warm breakfast – eggs, waffles and chocolate milk. I haven’t done that in a while. I still feel lazy, but I can make myself do my duties a few at a time.

Death is no longer a very inviting idea. It’s still something I would like, but the pull is much weaker. My counseling sessions are going well. Sadly, my medicines seem to be working even less. I don’t feel as sleepy as I used to and there’s no nausea despite the fact that my dosage has been raised.

Still, I’m on the right track, I think.


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One thought on “How am I doing?”

  1. Praise the Lord! You are very wise, young lady. Many people don’t figure out where their misery stems from for years.
    Most mood meds don’t really start to work properly for 6 weeks and then only when you have been taking enough. Bummer, but that’s the way it works.

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