The Sky is Falling? So What?

Barack Obama at the University of Nevada, Las ...
Barack Obama at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Presidential Health Care Forum, March 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the wake of President Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney, a friend informed me that he was going to work on Saturday. “Sandra Fluke needs some more birth control pills”, he said “so I must [work]”. I told him to get over it. I have little patience for self pity. My therapist says I’m not in touch with my feelings. Whatever.

Now, it’s not that he’s not deserving of pity. He works his butt off and pays about half of what he earns as tax – which, thanks to Obama, will now be used to provide risk-free sex for promiscuous women. (No, I’m not above calling Sandra Fluke a slut. Get over it.) His health care premiums are up for next year because his employer now has to pay more for health insurance.

Then there’s the economy. Let’s face it. Obamacare is a new cost for businesses. Since they’re not charities, they have to absorb the cost somehow. If you know basic economics, you know that means cutting costs (reducing salaries,

Barack Obama
Barack Obama (Photo credit: philomythus)

firing workers, reducing benefits, etc.) or raising revenue (increasing prices, etc.). Neither of those things options will be good for the economy, and by extension, for any of us. If the Obama administration continues their stimulus spending (read: wasting borrowed money) and higher taxes (especially on businesses), the story will practically write itself.

So I’m torn between despair and crushing apathy. Why apathy? Because in my world, the sky has already fallen. I’m not American. My home has high unemployment, widespread poverty (at least by the American definition), corrupt leaders and youth, high crime and everything that comes with it. As if that were not enough, the northern half of the country is a hellhole populated by Muslims whose set aim is to drive Christians from the country and establish Sharia law. Their strategy: church bombings, middle of the night mass killings and everything in between. I heard lately that they invaded a University, separated the Christians from the Muslims and slaughtered them. That is one of the better places. My parents live in a middle eastern country where telling a non-Christian that Jesus is God is a crime.

And what about America? When I bother to peep out of my carefully sheltered dwellings, I see a nation of sexually depraved people, where 50% of the people support the killing of their own children. I see a nation of people living luxurious lives (even the so-called poor ones) and celebrating their right to ‘choose’ over the millions of tiny bloody fingers and toes testifying to their depravity. If I have any love for this country, it is only by the grace of God.

So why does it matter? What if Obama’s spending and taxing and policies turn America in Greece or Nigeria? What if millions of people can’t find jobs or affordable housing or go to college or eat out? What if they actually know poverty? What if they actually have to go to bed hungry? Will it not only do them good? Perhaps in their physical poverty they can come to see the true poverty in which they already languish. Perhaps it will save them. What is hunger? How can it be a horrible thing for a nation already lost?

My conservative, republican, and Christian American friends, this is an analysis of last night’s events from a girl standing on the edge of your society. Don’t weep for the economy. Weep for your souls. Your children are lost. Romney’s presidency would not have saved them. America lost nothing that mattered last night.


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