Judges 4 – Reading Note – Deborah the Judge

Deborah is an interesting character for me because she was (a) a woman and (b) a judge of Israel (the highest political position at the time). She was also a Prophetess and married. I take note of these things in case someone begins talking about the status of women in the ANE.

  • As is the story all through Judges, the people of Israel sinned against God and he let Jabin, the king of Canaan, oppress them.
  • Eventually, God had mercy on the and decided to save them. he sent a message to Barak through the Judge Deborah that he was to attack Sisera, the commander of Jabin’s army.
  • Balak refused to go unless Deborah went with him, the scaredy cat.
  • Deborah consents to accompany him, but informs him that the glory for killing Sisera would go to a woman instead of him as a result.
  • The battle goes well and Sisera flees, so Barak pursues him.
  • Then comes the star of the whole show. Jael, whose husband was pals with Jabin, welcomes Sisera to her home, put him to sleep, and drives a tent peg through his head.
  • This victory led to future ones until the Israelites were free of Jabin.

Once again, God showed mercy and came to his people’s resucue using two women but he didn’t do it at once. It took some time.


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