Judges 12 & 13 – Reading Note

  • The Ephraimites took issue with the fact that Jephthah had fought the Ammonites without them. They threatened to burn down his house, so he called an army together against them. Civil war ensued and the Gileadites won. Jephthah later died.
  • The story of Samson gives the name of Samson’s father, Manoah but never gives the name of his mother even though the angel appeared to her alone twice.
  • Because she was to give birth to a Nazirite, Samason’s mother was not to drink any wine or eat any unclean thing. The ceremonial laws of the old Testament are still pretty unclear to me.
  • The angel in this story is the mysterious Yahweh Malakh (the angel of the Lord). When asked his name, he replies that it is too mysterious for them.
  • When Manoah realized that it was the angel of the Lord, he was scared and thought they were going to die because “We have seen God!” But his wife was sensible and told him that if God wanted to kill them, he would not have given them all those instructions and accepted a burnt offering from them.

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