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There’s an increasing level of buzz about some sort of “grand disclosure” coming to the world in the near future, a day of disclosure whose nearness depends on who you’re asking. Simply put it involves governments acknowledging the existence of aliens and UFOs and giving “evidence” of them. Even Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell speaks boldly and confidently about the existence of aliens in public! And many other people that believe in aliens think that the UFO phenomenon throughout the past 100 years is the result of aliens slowly making themselves known in order to prepare humanity for that day.

They fail to convince many of us.

However, why not entertain alternative theories? What if Earth, being near the center of the galaxy (as more and more scientific evidence points), is the final, ultimate destination of alien tourists?

One thing is sure, the reports involving alien interactions…

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  1. Good. Grief. Did you listen to the guy? This ‘inquiry’ he undertakes is the same step-by-step building of cherry-picked ‘evidence’ (this guy says this and that guys says that which,when squinted at just right and taken together reveals this point over here that I want to believe in, so it’s not me making the claim, you see, but all these ‘experts’; I’m just connecting the dots, which just so happen to align perfectly with my beliefs) used by anyone in any of the faith businesses. It’s so bad it’s no different in quality than what we call delusion.

    1. If you’re talking about the video, I didn’t watch it. If you’re talking about the picture, thank you for your opinion. If you’re talking about Joshua’s commentary, I can reblog posts without agreeing with them. Either way, good day.

      1. Why would you post it without watching the video or commenting on the cartoon or discussing what you think about what he wrote unless you wanted others to comment (which I did, specifically about the video)?

      2. I posted it because I thought the picture was funny. If you wish to comment, be my guest, but don’t make assumptions about what’s going on in my mind.

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