The Lamb of God Who Takes Away Our Sins



Blessed Lamb! on Calv’ry’s mountain
Slain to take our sins away:
Let the drops of that rich fountain
Our tremendous ransom pay:
Sacred Savior! Sacred Savior!
Lowly at Thy feet we pray.

Blessed Lamb! vouchsafe us pardon,
In thy love our souls confide:
By Thy groans within the garden,
By the death which Thou hast died,
Let Thy Passion, let Thy Passion
Ever more with us abide!

So shall peace, sweet peace be given,
Purchase of Thy precious pain;
So shall earth but lead to heaven,
Since for us the Lamb was slain:
Dear Redeemer! dear Redeemer!
Thou canst not have died in vain.

Man of sorrows wrapped in grief,
Bow Thine ear to our relief;
Thou for us the path hast trod,
Of the righteous wrath of God;
Thou the cup of fire hast drained
Till its light alone remained
Lamb of love! we look to Thee:
Hear our mournful litany.

By the garden, fraught with woe,
Whither Thou full oft wouldst go;
By Thine agony of prayer
In the desolation there;
By the dire and deep distress
Of that mystery fathomless:
Lord, our tears in mercy see;
Hearken to our litany.

By the chalice brimming o’er
With disgrace and torment sore;
By those lips which fain would pray
That it might would pass away;
By the heart which drank it dry,
Lest a rebel race should die;
By Thy pithy, Lord, our plea:
Hear our solemn litany.


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