Sunday Message: Rationality is Overrated

Pi: The Transcendental Number
Pi: The Transcendental Number (Photo credit: tj.blackwell)

Today we celebrate love – that senseless and dangerous concept that leads people to all kinds of irrational acts. Today we remember that God, in a perfect show of love, sent his only son to be tortured to death in order to save people who are nowhere near worth it. That’s bad economics and it must have hurt like hell (for both of them), so it makes no sense. But hey, why should it? It’s love.

In keeping with God’s example, do something irrational today. Give out your dinner. Call your mom and let her talk your ears off. Do something nice for that person who is never grateful. But remember that you’ll never be as irrational as God was because unlike him, you will get rewarded for those actions.

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