2 Samuel 11 – Reading Note – David and Bathsheba

  • The writer is straightforward in his narration. David’s army was out to war. From the roof of his palace, David saw a very beautiful woman. When he asked he was told that she was the wife of Uriah, one of David’s soldiers. He invited her to his palace and slept with her. She became pregnant.
  • The parallel in Chronicles talks about David’s reluctance to do the act, but this writer left that out. (Perhaps he didn’t like David).
  • After David tried unsuccessfully to convince Uriah to go home to his wife (in order to pretend the baby was his), he finally gave Joab orders to kill Uriah – to put him in the thick of the battle and then draw back so that Uriah’s entire group was killed.
  • David then married Bathsheba
  • Surprise! God didn’t find it amusing
    • Slept with another man’s wife
    • Tried to cover up his act using deception
    • Killed a man in cold blood
    • Married the dead man’s wife. It’s a wonder he could sleep at night.

The next chapters are one of my favorite because God executed justice for Uriah. J’aime justice.


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