Who says you have to like church?

Yesterday, I said to myself:
“Self, you’re going to church tomorrow. It makes you feel terrible, but there’s no law that you have to like it. You don’t like lots of things that are good for you and skipping church is one good way to end up on the wrong side of Christianity. So, you’ll go to church if you have to crawl there. You’ll be miserable every minute of it, but you’ll go.”

Myself protested, but it lost the protest. I’ve indulged it enough. So, I went to church today. It wasn’t that bad. Once I resigned myself to being miserable, I actually enjoyed it. Of course, I wanted to run home and crawl under my blanket, but boo-hoo. I learned a lot of new things which I might write about when my headache goes away.


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One thought on “Who says you have to like church?”

  1. Kudos, you’ve discovered one of the keys of following Jesus! There is no rule that we have to enjoy following Him before we should do it. Many people think hypocrisy is doing things we don’t feel like doing. Not at all. Hypocrisy is doing things because we want people to think we’re good. Obedience is doing things we don’t want to: Matthew 21: 28-31

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