How am I doing?

Here’s a hint: You can tell how active I am by the amount of time I put into my posts. Something as long-winded as this one means I’m doing superbly. No post or short posts mean I’m either working so hard I’m exhausted, or I going through another “I don’t want to do anything” phase. My doctor has been experimenting on my medications again. She thought she had reached the maximum dosage on my previous medication so she prescribed a new, ridiculously expensive one – which works no better than the previous one. Well, since she said she would up the dosage on my previous medication if the new one didn’t, I took the liberty of doing so myself. (Yeah, yeah, you shouldn’t self medicate. But I’m not. I just did what she was going to do without the delay and I’m going to tell her).

Anyway, it’s been 2 days since I did this and it’s going incredibly well (hence this post). I got so much done, it was ridiculous. It’s like the world has slowed down. Where I needed energy to keep up with it, I now have more than enough. The smallest things are interesting again: my economics class where everything is the same but with a different formula, my databases class where my professor takes pauses at all the wrong moments. The exception is my professional practices class – still boring, but then, I didn’t take the medications in time for that class. We’ll see what happens next time. I’m almost done with homework that isn’t due for another week. I went to our midweek worship service (and tried to do homework during it until that small voice at the back of my mind commanded me to stop). I’ve run so many errands I feel like superman.

So far I haven’t had trouble sleeping. I can calm down when I need to. The change is that I don’t spend all my time sleeping now. I actually do stuff. It’s amazing. On the downside, I’m once again suffering from the side-effects that I had when I first started the medication. I keep shaking, but it’s less than it was the first time. I’ll also have to see my doctor as soon as possible just to make sure I don’t have to be worried.

I’ve run out of steam. The drug should be wearing out now. It lasted just long enough to get me through the day.

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One thought on “How am I doing?”

  1. I’m glad you’ve found something that works, but I seriously hope it’s not too long before you check in with your doctor again. I know there are some muscle spasm side effects to certain meds that will never clear up if you don’t quit right away. Anything powerful enough to help you is potentially dangerous, too. 😦

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