Reading Note – 1 Chronicles 21

  • Once again, God punished the entire nation for David’s sin, just as he blesses them all for David’s righteousness.
  • God eventually relented from his decision (v 15). That is, he decided to stop before the 3 days of destruction was over. What happened to “God does not change his mind?” Well, maybe he didn’t. If he had resolved to complete those three days of destruction, and then decided not to, that would be changing his mind – strictly speaking – but the issue bears taking note of.
  • God did a miracle here, like at Solomon’s dedication of the temple. He set fire to the offering (v 26).
  • A key point here is David’s sorrow at what he had done. Even though God stopped the destruction, he didn’t call back the angel until David made his offerings. I don’t know what that means. Perhaps he hoped David would give him a reason to spare the people.

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