Reading Note – 1 Chronicles 20

  • Even when David’s killing was justified, (or not wrong, at the very least since God sometimes approved of the battles) God found it abhorrent. He refused to let David build him a temple because he had so much blood on his hands (v 8).
  • God had promised David that he would grant Solomon peace so he could build the temple. He promised to look with favor on Solomon before he was born. Despite this, God wouldn’t have blessed Solomon had he turned out evil (like Ahab, for instance). Perhaps God knew how Solomon would turn out so he didn’t have to make a promise he might renege on.

Takeaway: The blessing of God does not mean that nothing will go wrong. Neither does God’s displeasure mean that nothing will go right. The different between God’s attention to the righteous and the wicked is the difference between God’s attention to David and Absalom (or any of the other terrible kings of Israel).


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