Reading Note – 2 Chronicles 7 – 18

  • There are several recurring ideas in these passages

1. If you seek God and keep his laws, he will watch over you and bless you.

2. If you forsake God, he will punish you.

3. God is merciful. If, after you have forsaken him, you repent he will reconsider whatever punishment he has brought on you.

  • It is also of note that none of the kings of Judah were wholly good -not David, Solomon, or even Asa.
  • It occurred to me today that there is a difference between what God wills, and what he permits. God permits a lot of evil. He permitted the deceiving spirit to lie to Ahab, and used it to his purpose (2 Chr 18). Did he will it? I would say not.
  • By the way, I’ve discovered what bothers me so much about that scenario. When the spirit says ‘I will make all of Ahab’s prophets lie’, God does not say ‘No! you can’t do that”. Instead he permits it. But this is no different from all the other evil he permits everyday.

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