Summer Lessons On Spirituality

It’s been a long summer, and exhausting too. But I learned a lot. I got a taste for Christian Fantasy and read book after book. One thing stuck in my mind at the end of it all. It’s something that’s so easy to forget. We’re not just physical beings – we’re spiritual ones too. 

It’s a very important fact. We tend to forget it because we are so focused on the physical. We’ve learned to think of things we can’t see as myths. We might admit the existence of God, but it’s the fashion to deny everything else. Maybe demons and angels exist, but we don’t think they affect our lives. Mediums and Palm Readers don’t work and Witches don’t exist. I’m not saying that they do, mind you, but it is worth it to remember that there’s a whole other dimension that our physical eyes do not register. Otherwise we go through each day seeing only part of reality.

The Spiritual Man

The spiritual man needs sustenance, just like the physical one. The spiritual man goes through life each day. He has needs and potential. He can get sick. He sees and knows things that his physical counterpart does not. We’re different from Angels in that our physical nature dulls our experience of the spiritual. We’re practically blind to it. For that reason, the sustenance that meets our spiritual needs seems unnecessary. We know when our physical bodies hunger for food, but discerning a similar hunger in our spirits is hard. Perhaps it’s an effect of the fall, or perhaps it’s a feature of our unique hybrid nature. 

In the absence of other means, let us take our cue from Jesus. Let us continually keep in touch with God. Let that be our food, praying without ceasing. Let us remember that although we can’t see him, we have a cunning and powerful enemy and he comes at us from a dimension we have such little knowledge of. It is said that those who worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit who lives in us can be our teacher in these things, but I don’t think it works if we ignore him.


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