Reading Note – Job 1

  • Job was a very rich man.
  • How would offering a sacrifice for someone else work? Don’t they have to repent? (1:5)
  • Why did God pay attention to Satan’s statement? It’s not like he needed to prove Job’s faithfulness.
  • God had been protecting Job (1:9, 10). That’s probably why Satan needed his permission to attack Job. I doubt he always has to go through that appeal process before he does anything.
  • Speaking of coincidences, what are the chances that Job’e children and all his wealth just happened to vanish on the same day?
  • Job did not respond with bitterness towards God. It’s one thing to know that God is sovereign, it’s another thing to accept it. Job noted that “God gives and takes away” and still he said, “Blessed be the name of the Lord”.

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