Reading Note – Job 2

  • Although it was Satan who attacked Job, It is said that God destroyed Job. It is worth noting as pertains to the way actions/events are attributed to God in the Bible. (1:12 2:3)
  • One of my first encounters with atheism involved the book of Job. It was said that Job is one of the worst books of the Bible because it has a righteous man being hurt to prove a point in a fight between God and Satan.
  • (This is one of those arguments in which the claim is too vaguely stated). What is the claim? That God has no right to do so? Of course he does. The best that can be said that it was unkind and should not have been done without good reason. And who says God had no good reason? I can name a few possible ones off the top of my head. That someone is righteous does not mean that any suffering they experience must be unjust. Suffering isn’t necessarily evil.

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