Reading Note – Job 3 & 4

Before my stint with depression, I didn’t understand Job as well as I do now. Job cursing the day of his birth was a distant thing, an expression of his sadness. I understand now. I know how it is to feel confused and helpless. When you’ve been there, wishing you had never been born makes perfect sense. It’s the difference between hearing about how wonderful chocolate is and tasting it for yourself.

Here is summary of how Job handles his grief:

1. Job says ‘cursed be the day I was born’

2. Job wishes he had never been born. Then he wouldn’t be suffering.

3. Job proceeds to wonder why life insists on bugging those who would rather have it go on its way.

I hope I can be forgiven for saying that I know where he’s coming from.

Chapter 4 starts with Eliphaz counselling Job. Eliphaz is one of the legalistic ones. According to him, the innocent do well. When he says that, you start to think he might be saying that Job must have offended God in some way, but strangely enough, he goes on to say that human beings cannot be right before God. He will no doubt expand on that in the next chapter.


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