In the Beginning Was Naturalism

Wintery Knight’s recent post illustrates the importance of structure in Apologetics. It’s easy to throw around random facts that people may or may not remember, but if you want to make an impression, tell a story and make those facts part of the story. This not only aids memory, but it gets your point across. When someone tells you that Science had disproved God, you need to do more than present them with the Teleological Argument – that just shows that there is one piece of scientific evidence that supports theism, but they’ll just make that stupid God-of-the-gaps claim. Here is the narrative the knight proposes:

“In the beginning, there was the naturalism, and the naturalism tried to argue from ignorance that God was not Creator and God was not Designer. And then came the science, and now people have to give up their naturalism in order to not be crazy and irrational”

Yes, he usually speaks like that. Few people can call scientists crazy with such conviction. But back to the point. After making this claim, you need to support it or you might get some strange looks (to understate things). Here is the support. (Comments in square brackets are my additions):

In the beginning was the naturalism:

  1. In pre-scientific times, atheists maintained that the universe was eternal
  2. In pre-scientific times, atheists maintained that a life-permitting universe was as likely as a life-prohibiting universe
  3. In pre-scientific times, atheists maintained that the cell was a simple blob of jello that could spontaneously emerge in some warm pond
  4. In pre-scientific times, atheists maintained that the sudden origin of the Cambrian phyla would be explained by subsequent fossil discoveries
  5. In pre-scientific times, atheists maintained that there was nothing special about our galaxy, solar system, planet or moon

But then science progressed by doing experiments and making observations:

  1. Scientists discovered redshift and the cosmic microwave background radiation (evidence for a cosmic beginning) and more! [So the universe is not eternal]
  2. Scientists discovered the fine-tuning of gravity and of the cosmological constant and more! [So our universe could not come into existence by pure chance]
  3. Scientists discovered protein sequencing and exposed the myth of “junk DNA” and more! [Showing that emergence of living cells from non-living cells is extremely problematic, to say the least.]
  4. Scientists discovered an even shorter Cambrian explosion period and the absence of precursor fossils and more! [And now no one can say more fossil discoveries will solve the problem]
  5. Scientists discovered galactic habitable zones and circumstellar habitable zones and more! [Showing that even the emergence of our planet can hardly be attributed to chance]

And now rational people – people who want to have true beliefs about reality – need to abandon a false religion (naturalism).

For more on these arguments, check out his website and read the rest of the post. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who can more convincingly challenge decades of atheistic rhetoric.


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  1. Actually, the myth of “junk” DNA has not been exposed. My undertanding is that ENCODE is slowly taking back what they said in the study. A new study has been done by some labs in England that show only 8% of mammalian DNA has been conserved acrosss several lineages and that 8% is the only amount likely to be functional.

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