Sunday Message – What is a King?

In a time of Democracy, the notion of a King holds little meaning. Why should we rejoice that the King is coming? As the hyenas from Lion King said, “Who needs a king?” Well, after watching several historical Korean Dramas and reading historical fantasy novels I consider myself mildly qualified to speak on the topic.

A king is the champion of his people. He protects them from enemies. If the neighboring king decides to invade, a king leads his people against their enemy. If the people are under slavery, the king does his best to ransom them. A king is responsible for his people’s well-being. Unlike Presidents who are never responsible for any mishaps during their tenure, a king is responsible for failed crops, bad weather, and even global warming. He might not be able to stop them, but it is his responsibility to ensure that his people are provided for.

A king enforces laws and executes justice. If robbers patrol the highways, the king is to blame – unlike presidents who are never at fault for high crime rates. A king lives for his people. Or rather, he should.

This and every Christmas, we celebrate the coming of a perfect king. The one who will do all the above and more. He comes to free us from sin, slavery and oppression. He gives us hope for the coming time and is a reminder that God has not forgotten us. He has already demonstrated his ability to rule by sacrificing himself for us. His coming is a time to rejoice because of all that he has done and will do for us. Here is a king we can love.


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