Reading Note – Psalm 1

Blessed: Happy, Fortunate

Psalm 1 is about keeping God’s law and good friends. Good friends give you good advice. Bad friends draw you away from God. Of course, we no longer have to keep all those laws in Deuteronomy, but that just gives us time to meditate on the other laws. How do we love God and out neighbor?

And just how blessed is anyone who does those two things? He’s a very well situated and very productive tree, they say. That’s not necessarily a statement about his financial situation, Job notwithstanding. A productive tree reminds me more of Jesus statement about trees planted in good soil producing great amounts of fruit. The fruit is usually said to be more eternal than money.

The wicked (ungodly, criminal, guilty one, unrighteous – aka those who have bad friends who teach them to scorn God’s law?) are not blessed. They are “like chaff which the wind drives away”. So, they are definitely not productive trees. They don’t even last that long. What’s more, they shall not “stand” (what does that mean) in the day of Judgment. Their way will perish.

The point is this: the ungodly are headed towards disaster. Sometimes in this life, definitely in the next.


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