Reading Note – Psalm 69 – In Search of Vengeance

  • The Psalmist appeals to God to answer him at an acceptable time. (69:13). That’s patience.
  • Steadfast love and abundant mercy are God’s attributes (69:17).
  • In the proud tradition of the psalms, the psalmist pleads for vengeance against his enemies. He does not go after this vengeance himself. He leaves it to God, but he seeks the harshest punishment. (69:22 – 28). It is acceptable to seek reparation for wrongs. It is not merciful, but it is not wrong. After all, executing justice is one of God’s responsibilities.
  • The Psalmist claims that praising and thanking God is more acceptable to God than an animal sacrifice (69: 30 -32). It’s probably true. What point is a sacrifice if you’re not really grateful? Proclaiming what God has done will also encourage the other faithful, the psalmist says.

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