They Don’t Need Feminism

tumblr_nln0nl8vWW1syitgfo1_1280I recently found myself on tumblr browsing Women posted pictures of themselves with statements about why they don’t need feminism. The reasons are far ranging, but some are common.

  • They don’t want double standards for men and women and they believe feminism does that. Women rape and abuse people too.
  • They like being wives and mothers and they don’t see how staying home makes them oppressed.
  • They can vote and play video games – why else would they need feminism?tumblr_neclm61qdM1syitgfo1_1280
  • They don’t like watching feminists insult and disparage men. Men are cool. (my interpretation). They like their brothers, fathers, sons, and boyfriends who have done a lot for them. They don’t want to think of them as potential abusers.
  • They don’t believe in rape culture or the patriarchy and the wage gap thing is false.
  • They are strong, capable women, who do what they like. They don’t need the help. Try Afghanistan.
  • They are egalitarian. Men and women are different and have different roles in life. Things work better that way.

tumblr_nq0zvrG4QH1syitgfo1_1280The idea is that feminism has become obsolete in the west. Women women the right to vote. Women can do the same jobs as men and no one is paying them less for it. I don’t know enough about what feminism does to weigh on the issue, but I can appreciate the sentiments. tumblr_npcxcle08Y1syitgfo1_1280

As with any survey of public opinion, there are hits and misses. A bad personal experience with feminism is no reason to reject it. Nor does it pay to be uninformed about about the wage gap and rape culture – even if they are myths.


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