Did Abe Lincoln really exist?

906252_144987322342704_1973360567_oI just came upon this facebook page contesting the existence of Abraham Lincoln. Their arguments go as follows:

Lots of people say Abraham Lincoln exist. They show us writings of people who claim to have seen him, but obviously all this evidence is inadmissible.

1. They were written by people who believe in him. Of course those who believe it will say it’s true.

2. There is no  scientific evidence that he existed.

3. Sure, there are writings about Lincoln, but the page says:



Perhaps one of the favourite lines from Lincoln apologists is “We have well documented evidence including photos, biographies, accounts of what he said, testimony of sightings and meetings etc”

Here is a brief list of other figures for which we also have these evidences:

Santa Claus
Count Dracula
Clark Kent
Captain America
Jar Jar Binks
Judge Dredd

Note the picture of Santa. Does Santa exist?

4.  The similarity between Lincoln and other figures is uncanny. Can’t you see that someone just made it up?71970_139108916267893_69823860_n

5. Finally, even the accounts of Lincoln are contradictory. Where was he born? Which is the true copy of the Gettysburg address?


The writers acknowledge that this does not prove that Lincoln did not exist, but they maintain that they cannot prove a universal negative. It is up to the believers in Lincoln, they say, to present evidence for his existence and so far, they haven’t been able to produce a shred.