Reading Note – Esther 5

  • Esther was tactful. Mordecai had the king’s favor, so she couldn’t simply accuse him. She had to set the mood, so she invited them to a feast, and at the feast invited them to another feast.
  • Haman was a very proud man. He was glad that the Queen thought so highly of him as to invite him to a feast with the king and herself, but he thought Mordecai’s refusal to bow to him was ruining everything. 
  • Haman decided to hang Mordecai the next day. Was he so proud that he could not stand one person’s refusal – in the entire kingdom? I would like to think he did it because Mordecai was disobeying the king, but that’s not it at all. 

Reading Note – Esther 3

  • Mordecai was a brave guy. He even disobeyed the King’s command because he considered it immoral. He did this despite peer pressure and the threat of Haman’s anger. (3:3)
  • Haman was not satisfied with destroying Mordecai. He just had to kill all the Jews because one of them would not bow to him. Was something wrong with the guy or what? (v 6)
  • The king seemed to take the life of his subject lightly. He didn’t ask for much clarification when Haman said he wanted to destroy an entire group of people. He just took Haman at his word and concluded that the Jews were dangerous (v 8 – 11)