Reading Note – Jeremiah 50 & 51 – Fall of Babylon

  • After using Babylon to punish Israel, God uses some other nations to punish Babylon for hurting Israel. The point being that even when God withdraws protection from his people and lets you hurt them, hurting them is still illegal. The fact that God doesn’t stop you from doing something wrong doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong. The fact that he uses it – as a punishment maybe – or brings a blessing from it, still doesn’t mean that it isn’t wrong.
  • God warns Babylon, like he’d warned Israel, the Canaanites, and the people of Niniveh.
  • The phrase “devote to destruction” is used here too. “Devote to destruction all her army”.

Jeremiah 12 – Reading Note – A Promise for the Nations

  • Jeremiah makes that age old complaint: Why do the wicked prosper? God’s response is confusing; something about horses, treachery, and abandoning Israel.
  • God threatens to displace the nations surrounding Israel in addition to Israel itself and return them all to their own land in time (12:14, 15). I wonder if/when that happened.
  • Once again, God shows care for people beyond his chosen Israel, promising to build them up in the midst of Israel if they learn to serve him. Otherwise it’s bye bye (12: 14 – 17).